Sunday, July 21, 2024
BMC Property Tax

BMC Property Tax 2024: How to Pay Brihanmumbai Municipal Tax

Property tax stands as a fundamental levy applicable to all property types, spanning residential and commercial domains alike. In Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai...
mcgm property tax

MCGM Property Tax 2024: How to Calculation, & Online Payment

Introduction to MCGM Property Tax Property tax is an essential revenue source for municipal bodies, including the Municipal Corporation...
Stamp Duty in Mumbai

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Mumbai 2024

Purchasing a property in Mumbai, Maharashtra involves several additional costs beyond the property price, such as stamp duty and registration charges. Understanding...
CTS Number

What is CTS number? : How to Use, Find & Importance in Mumbai

The CTS Number, or City Title Survey Number, is a crucial element in managing and authenticating land parcels within the bustling city...
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