This website,, (‘BigProperty’) is owned, hosted and run by BigProperty, a corporation incorporated
The Registrar of Firms, Medchal – Malkajgiri hereby acknowledges the receipt
of the statement prescribed by section 58(1) of the Indian Partnership Act.
The statement has been filed and the name of the firm BIGPROPERTY
REALITY SERVICES , Mig.75/ Balaji Nagar/ Kukatpally/ Kukatpally/ Medchell
Telangana/ India/ has been entered in the Register of Firms as [No : 3100 of
2020] at Medchal – Malkajgiri.A legally binding arrangement between Bigproperty and the Customer (the “Agreement”) comprises
these terms and conditions covering the operation of these Facilities.
Terms and Conditions
Subject to your agreement with the terms and conditions laid down below, BIG PROPERTY and/or any other website(s)
connected to this website is an online information and communications service given to you.
Please read this statement carefully. By accessing or using big property, you agree to comply by the terms and
conditions set down here. If you do not comply with all of these terms and conditions, you can not access or use big
property. If you have any concerns about these terms & conditions, please contact us. If you have any concerns about
these terms, please feel free to contact us.
These terms and conditions can be amended/updated by Bigproperty at any time and such amendments shall be
effective immediately upon the publication of the modified terms and conditions on Bigproperty. To be mindful of such
changes, you may regularly revisit the amended terms and conditions and your continuing access or use of Bigproperty
shall be considered definitive evidence of your approval of these terms and conditions, as modified/modified from time
to time. Bigproperty can also suspend the operation of Bigproperty for assistance or technological upgrade, repair work
or for some other cause, for the purpose of upgrading the material.
If you use Bigproperty in a way that is inconsistent with these terms and conditions, Bigproperty can terminate your
access, obstruct your potential access, and/or request more relief as the circumstances of your abuse may be considered
necessary and appropriate.
The term Subscriber means any person, whether an individual or a legal entity, who has subscribed to the Bigproperty
Services (whether charged or free of charge) and to whom access to the Bigproperty Services is limited by the use of a
username and password signature. The user name and password are either issued by Bigproperty or preferred or
decided by Bigproperty by the Subscriber. It is clear that only the registered customer is allowed to use the services
provided by Bigproperty.
Without the need or necessity to build an account, i.e. visits to unlimited parts of Bigproperty, the word Browser/Visitor
would mean and involve a person who uses some of the services provided by Bigproperty.
These Terms and Conditions shall refer to the usage and access of BigProperty. For the purposes of this Arrangement,
any person who does not have, nor does not have a lawful or statutory right of access to the Services shall fall under the
meaning of ‘unauthorized customer’ and shall nevertheless be subject to the terms and conditions regulating the use of
Bigproperty, and expressly so with regard to respect for and compliance with Bigproperty’s intellectual property rights.
Both the Subscriber/Advertiser(s) and the Browser/Visitor will use the terms of User and ‘Customer’ (s)
The words ‘Service’ or ‘Services’ will suggest the presence on the internet of the digital web information service
operated by Bigproperty from which the customer would access information carried in the database maintained by
Bigproperty. The terminology will also include the search software from which the user would search through the
hosted databases and data using a combination of search tools that fit their search preferences with a range. Services by
space used by clients for advertising such as listings and banners will also be included in the word. In order to access the
entire document/record, users then choose one or more of the items shown. The term Service does not refer to
Bigproperty operating on behalf of any User/Customer as an individual, either express or inferred, and is merely acting
as a means of exchange of information.
The word RERDA shall imply and include, as amended, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
(http:/ Panel/UserView.aspx?TypeID=1535) read with any laws or regulations that may be structured
The word LMA denotes and contains, as amended, the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 (https:/ read with any rules or legislation that might be framed under
Every user agrees not to upload to Bigproperty any property details, photos, financial, communication or other material
found in the data of each property unless the user sending such a listing/advertisement has acquired all required rights
and permits from the owner of such property or the holder of the power of attorney, including from the photographer
and/or copyright owner of a property. Similarly, Bigproperty does not take any ownership, explicitly or indirectly, of any
individual whatsoever in respect of banners hosted on its website by its clients, which are purely in the context of
Bigproperty’s selling of space and have not carried out any independent testing of the criteria of validity or enforcement,
as may have been necessary for the time being under any rule. In the event that a consumer is protected by RERDA, he
shall ensure conformity with all required compliance, including but not limited to, receiving the necessary registrations,
etc. The User shall reveal all material details as demanded by LMA and in accordance with its RERDA registration and all
other property(s) submitted, including the current status and disposition of that property, and shall also disc lose
whether or not the property is free of all burdens. In addition, the User shall provide a brief history of such property
with regard to title, ownership and custody, and Bigproperty will also enable the User to provide such documentation as
may be stated from time to time in support of his/her arguments with regard to the status of the property. Furthermore
by swearing an affidavit claiming the validity of the information/data provided/displayed, the user will be forced to
substantiate his statements as to the value and condition of the land. At its absolute discretion, but without any duty to
do so, Bigproperty could check for and delete properties alleged to have been submitted in breach of this section. In
addition, users who are suspected to have submitted properties or other information/data in breach of these terms and
conditions which include further proof of compliance with this clause from Bigproperty. At its absolute discretion,
Bigproperty can terminate the accounts of any consumer who consistently or deliberately breaches these terms and
conditions, and deny service to them. In addition, the User agrees to allow members of the User’s website or the
Bigproperty website to search, view, link, save, copy, and otherwise refer to the property listing, or any part thereof.
Bigproperty shall have the exclusive authority to select the manner under which any property is searched, shown,
viewed, downloaded, copied and otherwise used by Bigproperty in the exercise of its rights under these Terms and
Conditions and shall be entitled to change the listing of the property in the exercise of its rights. In addition to the
following terms, the customer agrees to
(a) reflect and warrant that all User-provided Properties and related information is accurate;
(b) the Customer shall not allow the advertising of the property on Bigproperty under a name other than the name of a
real estate agent properly registered and engaged in this regard by the owner of the property;
Bigproperty shall position property-related details in the specified parts of Bigproperty or any other mirror or parallel
location (s). Bigproperty retains the right to delete any or some portion of the assets posted on the user’s page or on
Bigproperty without warning in a manner compatible with fair commercial trading practices. Bigproperty acknowledges
no liability for checking/verifying the authenticity of the user’s records or data files. Although Bigproperty will make all
appropriate attempts to back up data and restart business, it will be the sole duty of the Customer to maintain back-up
copies of all documents, photographs and other materials supplied to Bigproperty.
Users who purchase/rent property/properties through Bigproperty must check the property/property information on
their own as well as their right, title, copyright, lien, etc.
Payment Terms
Payments in favor of the services provided by BigProperty shall be rendered on a 100% advance basis. Once the
subscriber has registered to the plan, the charge for the service is not refundable and any amount charged is
appropriated. The reimbursement, if any, would be at BigProperty’s sole discretion. BigProperty does not make any
promises for the authenticity or timeliness of the returns accessing the card/bank accounts of the customers. The User
acknowledges and agrees that shall be entitled, at its sole discretion and without prejudice to any other
rights and remedies that it may have under the applicable laws, to set the amount paid or payable by the User against
any amount(s) payable by the User to BigProperty under any other agreement or business relationship with other
products/services. BigProperty makes no promises of adequately running server uptime or software. All is on the best
terms of effort and responsibility is limited to just refunding the amount. Large Possession. No responsibility for free
programs is claimed. Large Possession. Reserves the right at any point without advance warning to amend/alter or alter
any or any disclaimers or terms of agreements. Where any reference is made to them all terms/disclaimers, whether or
not expressly stated, shall be considered to be included.
Bigproperty takes the utmost precaution possible to ensure that any or any data/information does not fall into the
wrong hands in regards to electronic money transfer. Bigproperty does not retain or preserve credit card data to
complete online transactions containing purchases where a customer is directed to a Payment Gateway. Because the
transaction occurs on a third-party network not operated by Bigproperty, the payment information is not available to
anybody at Bigproperty until completion of the online transaction at the Payment Gateway until the credit card
processing has been processed, maintaining full protection.
Bigproperty shall not be responsible for any harm or harm incurred by any leakage (inadvertent or otherwise of any user
account information and/or information related to or relating to online credit card/debit card purchases and/or their
authentication procedure and data, or for any mistake, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information released
by Bigproperty.
Refund in failed transactions
Although the payment reconciliation team of Bigproperty runs on a 24 x 7 basis, Bigproperty provides no guarantees
whatsoever for the authenticity or timeliness of returns hitting the card/bank accounts of the Subscribers. This is
attributed to the multiplicity of organisations engaged with the handling of online sales, the existing issues with the
Internet system and financial institutions’ working days/holidays. Refunds will be at the discretion of BigProperty in the
case of incorrect/objectionable property material being reported to the web.
If you use Bigproperty in a way that is inconsistent with these terms and conditions, Bigproperty can terminate your
access, obstruct your potential access, and/or request more relief as the circumstances of your abuse may be considered
necessary and appropriate.
User chooses to treat as proprietary to Bigproperty all details collected from the Site, including listings, member
directories, and any other material otherwise rendered accessible to User in the Service (‘Content’). User accepts that
membership-reserved material would be kept private and protected as Bigproperty’s trade secret. Bigpropertydoes not
guarantee the authenticity of the Content, support or recommend it and a Customer uses those Content at the own
expense of the User. The listings/advertisements in the Service can only be viewed by a customer to gain initial
information from which further assessment and inquiry can begin. The customer shall restrict access to and use of
listings for personal and internal use and shall not use, or in any way encourage, listings received from the Service for
the further dissemination, release, public view or preparation of derivative works. The User shall not use or replicate,
with or in association with any other listing/advertising site or product, any Material accessed from the Website, or
otherwise made accessible to the User on the Service. In addition, the Customer shall not use the Service offered by the
Organization otherwise for or in conjunction with any other Service or Device listing. Users who infringe these clear
terms, in particular any Users who by electronic or manual means, search the Service in an abusive or unreasonable
way, shall be liable to the compulsory termination of their membership without warning.
Both Bigpropety brands, trademarks, intellectual property and service marks (‘marks’) appearing in Bigpropety are
properties owned or used by Bigpropety and/or its affiliates through permission. Any privileges accruing from the same,
contractual or otherwise, vest solely with Bigpropety / its partners. Entry to Bigpropety does not impose on the
Customer any permission or right of use whatsoever with respect to these Marks and is also specifically forbidden from
using these Marks in any way or manner whatsoever. Any infringement of the above will constitute an offence under
India’s prevalent laws.
Bigproperty protects the intellectual property rights of all, has and will continue to comply with this respect with all the
laws applicable in India. Bigproperty shall, to the best of its abilities, defend and respect the intellectual property
interests of all consumers and third parties. In the event that a User(s) is found to use Bigproperty as a forum to infringe
the Intellectual Property Rights of others, Bigproperty shall be free to terminate this Arrangement without warning to
the User immediately.
Bigproperty gives Users a restricted, non-exclusive, non-assignable, revocable license (the ‘License’) to use and use the
Services by providing Users access to and use the Services, provided that the User complies with the terms &conditions
of the Agreement.
You hereby expressly agree not to:
(a) Use the facilities provided by Bigproperty in any way that is not consistent with laws and regulations, like RERDA, in
order to harm the rights and activity of Bigproperty.
(b) Accessing data not intended for you or signing into a server or database that you are not allowed to access;
(c) Attempt to test, search or test a device or network vulnerability;
(d) Encryption or authentication mechanisms attempt or break without proper authorization;
(e) Try to mess with, access to but not limited to any other person by sending to Bigproperty a virus of any sort or Trojan
horse, overloading, raining, mail bombing or crashing;
(f) any content stored in Big Property, except as allowed, shall be copied, transmitted, recorded, shown, performed,
replicated, changed, modified, modified, enhanced, broadcast or manipulated in some way or otherwise used;
(g) Copy and spread this information to any other server or change or re-use BigProperty information, text, images,
voice, etc. on any other device. No replication of any portion of Bigproperty, whether in hard copy or electronic format,
including posts to any other Bigproperty, may be sold or circulated for commercial benefit or changed or integrated into
some other work, publication or Bigproperty; or
(h) Delete, without our express written permission, any notice of copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property
found in the original content from any material reproduced or printed from Bigproperty or from a connection to
(I) The consumer shall not in any way, use the facilities provided by Bigproperty in order to impact the rights and
operation of Bigproperty. Unless expressly approved by Bigproperty in this respect, the consumer agrees not to repeat,
copy, print, change and distribute material on Without the prior permission of Bigproperty, the
consumer undertakes not to create any deep connection or other link to any particular page of Bigproperty other than
the home page. For reasons not allowed in writing, Bigproperty specifically bans copying, duplicating web pages or
material using any automatic mechanism such as spiders, crawlers etc. or by any manual process.
(j) Consumers undertake not to use the Facilities provided by Bigproperty to upload, post, send, distribute or otherwise
make available, directly or indirectly, unsolicited bulk e-mail or unsolicited commercial e-mail messages. Bigproperty is
not obligated to filter and track and block the emails sent by you/user using the servers that Bigproperty manages to
transmit emails, however retains the privilege. Both efforts to conform with Universal Best Practices in containing and
removing spam shall be made by Bigproperty and the consumer.
It is forbidden for the user/subscriber/visitor of 99acres or associated site(s) to upload, write, send, upgrade or exchange
any information that:
 Belongs to another person and to whom the recipient is not entitled;
 Is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, lewd, indecent, paedophilic, libellous, privacy –
invasive, hateful, or religiously, ethnically unacceptable, or otherwise unlawful in some way, disparaging,
referring to or supporting money laundering or gambling;
 In some manner, hurt minors;
 Violates all patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual rights;
 Violates the rule in effect for the time being;
 Deceives or misleads the recipient as to the sources of those communications or discloses any detail that is
grossly offensive or threatening in nature;
 Impersonate another individual;
 Contains software viruses or any other programming code, directories, or programs intended to disrupt, kill, or
restrict any computer resource functionality;
 Threatens India’s unity, dignity, protection, stability or sovereignty, friendly ties with foreign states, or public
order, or induces incitement to commit any recognizable crime, or prohibits or insults any other nation from
investigating any offense.
Device or network security breaches can result in civil or criminal liability.
Links to other World Wide Web pages or services to third parties can be given by Bigproperty. Bigproperty does not
reflect any other web site that you can access through Bigproperty.
Bigproperty is an agent as specified under Section 2 of the Information Technology Act, 2000, sub-clause (w).
WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR Promises OF Some Sort, EITHER Explicit OR IMPLIED, THE Material OF Big Property IS
Views shared by the users are their own, the same is not supported by Bigproperty and is not responsible for them.
While any effort is taken to guarantee that the content is not deceptive, insulting or insensitive, no argument is made as
to the authenticity and correctness of the material on the web. In the event that any inaccuracy is found on the website
or else objectionable material is seen, please report it to report harassment.
Evaluating the accuracy, completeness and relevance of all views, recommendations, resources, real estate and other
relevant information listed on the website is your primary responsibility. Bigproperty does not promise that website
access would be uninterrupted or error-free or that website defects would be fixed.
Bigproperty gives no assurance that if the listing/banner is posted on view, there will be a satisfactory response or some
response at all. Both payments made to Bigproperty are marketed exclusively for the purposes of viewing the property.
Users are strongly encouraged to independently check that all Pre-Launch deals obtained by them are legitimate.
Bigproperty does not support investments in any projects that have not been formally approved by the
Builder/Promoter and have not been launched by the Builder/Promoter, since users concerned with those projects do
so solely at their own risk.
The invitation or offer to invest in Bigproperty or any of its Affiliates shall not constitute any information found herein.
In addition, nothing found in Bigproperty can be construed as a suggestion to use any device, method, equipment or
formulation in dispute with, or otherwise in conflict with any patent, and Bigproperty provides no claim or guarantee,
express or implied, that no patent or otherwise would be infringed by its use.
Bigproperty is managed and run from India and Bigproperty does not reflect that the products are fit for use in other
parts of the world or would be available for use. You are completely responsible for complying with all relevant local
laws as well as international agreements and treaties by using Bigproperty from outside India.
Via Bigproperty and its partner pages, Bigproperty delivers products, programs, information and numerous other
features to particular regions around the world. Due to supply, state or federal laws or legal impediments and other
reasons, the services provided in one area which vary from those in other regions. Bigproperty does not offer any
assurance or representation that the Resources can still be accessed by a Customer in one country as offered in another
area. Bigproperty details may include references to goods, programs or services that have not been announced or
accessible in your region. These references do not mean in any way that in your region, Bigproperty plans to announce,
introduce or offer certain goods, programs or services.
Bigproperty shall not be responsible for any harm of any sort arising out of or in connection with the use or inability to
use the material or links of Bigproperty, including but not limited to damage caused by or in connection with mistakes,
omissions, interruptions, glitches, delays in service or transmission, computer viruses, line failure and any other direct,
secondary, unusual, incidental, punitive, lack of profit.
Bigproperty claims no liability for any mistake, omission, disruption, deletion, defect, delay of service or delivery,
breakdown of the contact line, fraud or damage or unwanted access to or modification of the data/information of the
consumer. Bigproperty shall not be responsible for any problem or mechanical fault of on-line services, servers or
suppliers, computing devices, applications, loss of e-mail or plays as a result of any technological problem or obstruction
of traffic on or through the Internet or any website or combination thereof including injuries or harm to any individual
and/or members or to any other person’s computer connected to or resulting from it.
The performance responsibility of Bigproperty (service provider) is to provide access to its online portal to the consumer
for the duration of the subscription period & reference to any usage, by whatever name or any other performance
obligation, if any, is to provide access to its online portal to the customer for the duration of the subscription period &
reference to any use by whatever name or any other performance obligation, if any,
Bigproperty may revoke or restrict the use of or access to Bigproperty (or any part thereof without warning in its
absolute discretion and at any time for any cause whatsoever, including without limitation, that Bigproperty determines
that you have infringed or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions or any relevant law
on the basis of its judgment and interpretation.
Submissions and unlawful use of any information(s)/materials found on Bigproperty which violate the laws of copyright,
trademark laws, privacy and advertisement laws, some communications laws and regulations and other relevant laws,
laws and regulations thereof. For your acts or the actions of another party using your user name and/or password, you
alone are liable.
You accept that Bigproperty and/or its associates, subsidiaries, managers, directors, staff, affiliates, licensees, business
partners and agents shall protect, indemnify and hold free against and from all lawsuits, acts or requests, including
without limitation fair legal and accounting costs, claimed or arising from the use of Bigproperty content or your
violation of these terms and conditions.
Bigproperty shall not be a party to any court action conducted between the parties through the Facilities. In the event
that the presence of Bigproperty in any court action is pursued, expenses shall be recovered from the party nominating
Bigproperty as a party to those proceedings. Bigproperty must, by due process, abide by any judicial order imposed on
The user of Bigproperty is subject to Bigproperty privacy policy.
If any conflict exists between the user/user and Bigproperty arising out of or subsequent to the usage of the website
in accordance with the legitimacy, understanding, enforcement or possible violation of any clause of these Terms
and Conditions, the dispute shall be directed to the single arbitrator identified by Bigproperty as an impartial and
objective third party. The Arbitrator’s ruling is definitive and binding on both parties to the conflict. Delhi will be the
site of the arbitration. Arbitration hearings will be regulated by the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.
Your use of big property is regulated by this arrangement between you and big property. Any inconsistency or
invalidity shall not impact the enforceability of any other clause of the terms and conditions where any provision of
these Bigproperty Terms and Conditions or part thereof is inconsistent with or is found to be invalid/void by or under
any statute, rule, order or regulation of any Government or by the final adjudication of any court.
Failure to exercise or impose any right or provision of the terms and conditions of use by a Big property shall not
constitute a denial of the right to enforce any right or provision thereafter.
Through accessing big property, you accept that in all matters pertaining to big property, as well as these terms
and conditions, the laws existing in India are the governing laws.
In all matters relating to big property and these terms and conditions, the courts of New Delhi, India alone
shall have sole jurisdiction, independent of the territory and jurisdiction of your access to big property.
Bigproperty does not track your messages on the website regularly, but retains the right to do so. However
if Bigproperty becomes aware of an unauthorized usage of Bigproperty or any of its Resources,
Bigproperty will reply in any manner that Bigproperty finds acceptable in its absolute discretion. You agree
that Bigproperty is entitled to disclose all acts that might be deemed unlawful to law enforcement officials,
as well as any intelligence it collects about such illegal activity. In any investigation into suspected criminal
activity on the Internet, Bigproperty will cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities as needed.
All other rights are held by BigProperty.
Please report any violations of these terms and conditions to Bigproperty at

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