19 Outer Ring Road Exit Numbers-Info Of Every Exit Number

ORR Hyderabad
ORR Hyderabad

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1. ORR Info

The 158 km long, 8-lane, tolled Outer Ring Road (ORR), also known as the Jawaharlal Nehru Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad, rings the city. It was constructed to improve connectivity to the neighborhood and lessen city traffic congestion. NH-7, NH-9, NH-163, and NH-765 are just a few of the important highways that the ORR connects. It also travels through the districts of Rangareddy and Medchal-Malkajgiri.

2. Constructed by

ORR The Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (ORR) project was constructed by a number of private firms following a competitive bidding process. The project was divided into six packages and various components of the project were allocated to the following businesses in a competitive bidding process:

GMR Hyderabad Outer Ring Road Ltd. (GHORRL): Package 1

Larsen & Toubro (L&T): Package 2

Maytas Infra Limited: Package 3

Gayatri Projects Limited: Package 4.

Navayuga Engineering Company Limited: Package 5.

IVRCL Assets and Holdings Ltd.: Package 6.

3. In how many villages does the ORR travel?

In Hyderabad, various villages in the districts of Rangareddy and Medchal-Malkajgiri are traversed by the Outer Ring Road (ORR). According to official sources, 39 localities are traversed by the ORR.

The following is a list of the villages that the ORR travels by in chronological order:

  1. Patancheru
  2. Kollur
  3. Kistareddypet
  4. Muthangi Nallagandla
  5. Serilingampally
  6. Gopanpally
  7. Nanakramguda
  8. Manikonda
  9. Kismatpur
  10. Rajendranagar
  11. Budvel Aramghar
  12. Shamshabad
  13. Mamidipally
  14. Raviryal
  15. Timmapur
  16. Thimmapur
  17. Adibatla
  18. Tukkuguda
  19. Mansanpally
  20. Mankhal Kandukur
  21. Sultanpur
  22. The Pahadi Shareef
  23. Narsingi Kokapet
  24. Himayathsagar
  25. Chevella Shankarpally
  26. Mokila
  27. Kollur
  28. Dundigal
  29. Medchal
  30. Gundla
  31. Pochampally
  32. Kompally
  33. Ghatkesar
  34. Keesara
  35. Shamirpet
ORR Exit Numbers
ORR Exit Numbers

4. ORR Exit Numbers

ORR Exit No-1. Gandipet 

ORR Exit No-2. Edulanagulapally

             — Gachibowli 

             — Nanakramguda

ORR Exit No-3. Patancheru

ORR Exit No-4. Sultanpur 

ORR Exit No-5. Saregudem

            —Gowdavalli (temporary) 

ORR Exit No-6. Medchal

ORR Exit No-7. Shamirpet

ORR Exit No-8. Keesara

ORR Exit No-9. Ghatkesar

ORR Exit No-10. Taramatipet

ORR Exit No-11. Pedda Amberpet

ORR Exit No-12. Bongulur

ORR Exit No-13. Raviryal

ORR Exit No-14. Tukkuguda

ORR Exit No-15. Pedda Golkonda

ORR Exit No-16. Shamshabad

ORR Exit No-17. Rajendranagar

ORR Exit No-18. TSPA (TSPA).

ORR Exit No-19. Narsingi.

Exit Numbers On ORR
Exit Numbers On ORR

5. ORR Exit Numbers Directions

i) West:

  • West Exits (1.Financial District, 2.Kollur, 3.Moothangi (Patancheruvu), 18.Tspa (Telangana State Police Academy).
  • The West is called a core city. This is already a developed place.
  • KukatPally, BHEL, Miyapur, Rudraram, Madhapur, Hitech City, Gachibowli, Mokila, and LingamPalli, are all cities in West Zone.

ii) North:

  • 60% of the land is under central government authority. NH 44 Nagpur highway
  • Exits in North ( 4. Sultanpur, 5. Dundigal, 6. Medchal, 7. Shamirpet)
  • Main areas are Bachupally, Bollaram, Gagillpur, Gandimaisamma, Kandlakoya, Medchal.

iii) East:

  • East exits (9. Ghatkesar, 10. Taramatipet, 11. Hayatnagar, 12. Bangalore)
  • Warangal Highway NH163 (Ghat Kesar, Bhuvanagiri, Aler, Janagam)
  • Vijayawada Highway NH65 (Hayat Nagar, LB Nagar, Thupranpet.)
  • Sagar Highway SH19 (Hibrahimpatnam, Yacharam.)

iv) South:

  • Exits in South (12. Bangalore, 13. Raviryala, 14. Thukkaguda, 15. Peddha Golconda, 16. Shamshabad)
  • NH44 Banglore highway
Main areas in the South:

Vikarabad, Shamshabad, Adhibatla, Tukkaguda, Maheswaram, Manson Pally, Shad Nagar, Timmapur.

6. Conclusion:

The Outer Ring Road Exit Numbers offer a fascinating tapestry of information waiting to be unraveled. By delving into the details of each exit number, you can unlock a wealth of insights about the local attractions, hidden gems, and unique experiences that await.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: How long is the Outer Ring Road (ORR)?

Ans: The ORR is 158 kilometers long, comprising 8 lanes.

2Q: Which highways does the ORR connect?

Ans: The ORR connects important highways such as NH-7, NH-9, NH-163, and NH-765.

3Q: How Many Total Exit Numbers are on ORR?

Ans: 19 Total Exit Numbers are on ORR.

4Q: What is the purpose of the ORR?

Ans: The ORR was constructed to improve connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance transportation efficiency in Hyderabad.

5Q: What is the Exit Number at Ghatkesar?

Ans: Exit Number 9 is at Ghatkesar.


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