Take a Look at Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 17 – Rajendra Nagar

rajendra nagar exit number
rajendra nagar exit number

1) Introduction:

Hyderabad, often referred to as the “City of Pearls,” is a bustling metropolis known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and rapid urban development. One of the key infrastructural marvels shaping the city’s growth is the Outer Ring Road (ORR), a significant highway that encircles the city, connecting various neighborhoods and facilitating smoother transportation. Nestled along this impressive road is Exit Number 17, leading to the quaint and dynamic locality of Rajendra Nagar. In this article, we delve into the charm of Hyderabad’s ORR Exit Number 17 and explore the hidden gems of Rajendra Nagar.

2) Location and Connectivity:

Exit Number 17 on the Outer Ring Road is strategically positioned, providing seamless connectivity to Rajendra Nagar and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re heading towards the city center or planning a quick getaway to the outskirts, this exit serves as a gateway to diverse destinations. The city’s road network is well-planned, making it a crucial transportation hub.

3) Schools Nearby ORR Exit Number 17 Rajendra Nagar

i) Gandhinagar Government Primary School:

Gandhinagar Government Primary School stands as a beacon of public education in Rajendra Nagar. Committed to providing accessible and quality education, this government school plays a crucial role in shaping the academic foundation of young minds. With a focus on inclusivity and community development, Gandhinagar Government Primary School is an integral part of the educational ecosystem near ORR Exit Number 17.

ii) New Little Scholar School:

New Little Scholar School is a testament to the commitment to fostering a love for learning from an early age. Catering to the needs of preschool and primary school children, this institution combines a nurturing environment with a curriculum designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Parents in the vicinity appreciate the school’s emphasis on foundational skills and a child-centric approach to education.

4) Colleges Nearby ORR Exit Number 17 Rajendra Nagar

i) Government Junior College:

Government Junior College near ORR Exit Number 17 is a key educational institution offering intermediate education to students. With a commitment to providing quality education, the college plays a crucial role in shaping the academic journey of young minds. The institution covers a range of subjects, ensuring students have a strong foundation for higher education and future careers.

ii) Extension Education Institute (EEI):

The Extension Education Institute (EEI) near ORR Exit Number 17 stands as a hub for vocational and extension education. This institute plays a pivotal role in providing practical skills and training to individuals, equipping them for a variety of professions, and contributing to the workforce development of the community.

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5) Hospitals Nearby ORR Exit Number 17 Rajendra Nagar

i) Ankuri 24 Hours Children’s Clinic:

Ankuri 24 Hours Children’s Clinic is a beacon of specialized healthcare catering to the unique needs of young patients. Ensuring that parents have access to reliable and round-the-clock medical assistance for their children, this clinic stands out for its commitment to pediatric care.


REVIVE HEALTH CLINIC & DIAGNOSTIC is a comprehensive healthcare facility that addresses the diverse medical needs of the community. From diagnostic services to general healthcare consultations, this clinic is committed to promoting holistic well-being.

6) Restaurants Nearby ORR Exit Number 17 Rajendra Nagar

i) Hotel SIGDI:

Hotel SIGDI stands as a testament to the fusion of luxury and tranquility. This resort, conveniently located near ORR Exit Number 17, offers a haven for relaxation, making it an ideal choice for a weekend retreat or a special occasion.

  • Comfortable Accommodations: Hotel SIGDI offers comfortable rooms and suites for a peaceful stay.
    • Serene Ambiance: Surrounded by lush greenery, the resort creates a serene ambiance that allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Whether lounging by the pool or strolling through the landscaped gardens, tranquility is never far away.
    • Dining Delights: The resort boasts a multi-cuisine restaurant, treating guests to a culinary journey of flavors. From traditional Indian dishes to international delights, the dining experience at Hotel SIGDI is a feast for the senses.

ii) Ice N Spice:

Ice N Spice, located in proximity to ORR Exit Number 17, is not just a resort but a culinary haven for those with discerning palates. This unique destination combines comfortable accommodations with a gastronomic adventure, making it a standout choice for food enthusiasts.

7) Resorts Nearby ORR Exit Number 17 Rajendra Nagar

i) Hotel Taramati Baradari Resort:

Nestled near ORR Exit Number 17, Hotel Taramati Baradari Resort stands as an epitome of regal charm. Inspired by the architectural grandeur of the Taramati Baradari monument, this resort seamlessly blends historical elegance with modern luxury.

ii) Woodview Family Guest House:

Woodview Family Guest House near ORR Exit 17 offers a cozy retreat. Surrounded by nature, this guest house offers a personalized experience for guests looking to unwind in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Q: What is the Exit Number of Rajendra Nagar?

Ans: Exit Number 17 is the Exit Number of Rajendra Nagar.

2Q: What is the ORR Exit Number 17?

Ans: Rajendra Nagar is the ORR Exit Number 17.

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