The Power of Vastu-10 Vastu Tips For a New Home

vastu tips for new home
vastu tips for new home

Are You Want to Know More Information on the Vastu tips for home? Then, you must read this blog post. Let’s get into detail about the latest blog post – The Power of Vastu-10 Vastu Tips For a New Home.

1. About Vastu Plan

The Vastu chart offers guidelines for the placement of different elements within a building, such as rooms, doors, windows, and furniture, in order to maintain balance, well-being, and success. This custom has been followed for many years and is still relevant to modern interior and architectural design.

The four directions are the cardinal directions on a Vastu Chart. The point where the two directions converge is called the ordinal or intercardinal point, and examples include SE, NE, NW, and SW. These guidelines are very important in Vastu Shastra since they contain both.

Tell us why these eight directions are important.

South East

This direction is under the control of Agni, the ruler of fire. Fire is the source of health.


This direction is under the control of the lord Indra. He offers prosperity and all of life’s pleasures.


Yama, the god of death, is pointing in this direction. It is the origin of both prosperity and pleasure.


Varun, the Lord of Rains, is in charge of this heading. He bestows blessings in the shape of rain, joy, and money.

Vastu Directions for a home
Vastu Directions for a home

South West:

This path is under the jurisdiction of the god Niruti, who protects us from evil. It is the source of personality, demeanor, fatalities, and lifespan.


Kuber, the god of wealth, is in charge of this movement. It provides prosperity and fortune.

North West  

Lord Vayu is in charge of this direction. It is the source of varying hostility, commerce, and friendship.

North East:

Lord Eeshan is in charge of this direction. It is where riches come from.

2. Vastu Chart for Home

By following the guidelines in a vaastu chart, a person’s or a place’s surroundings can be made more positive and less negative. More abundance will attract you the more positive you become. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that a home’s Vastu chart can offer its inhabitants success and wealth.

You and your loved ones live in a house. Always make an effort to protect them from any negative vibes. Once you have a house Vastu chart, you can be sure that your family, you, and your home will be shielded from the dark energies of the universe.

Each room in your home has a designated region, according to the Vastu Shastra. You can arrange the rooms in accordance with the Vastu chart’s principles and guidelines.

Vastu House Directions
Vastu House Directions


The southwest corner of your home is where your main bedroom should always reside, according to Vastu principles. If a bedroom is meant for a married pair, it must face southwest.


A kitchen should never be placed in the northeast, middle of the north, middle of the west, southwest, center of the south, or in the center of the house, according to Vastu.

Dining room

The dining room should face either East, North, or West. The dining area must be spacious, comfortable, and friendly. The family head must sit facing east, while the other members may face north, west, or east.

Pooja Room

It is important to thoroughly research the vaastu for the pooja room. The northeast is the best location for your pooja room. The northern quarter’s pooja room will have a positive impact.

living room

Vastu demands that the furnishings in a living room be square or rectangle-shaped. It belongs in the west corner of the living room.


East is the best direction to use the loo. Early morning sun exposure is beneficial to your health.

Study Room

Any study area must have a northeast or northerly-facing wall. The child must also face either east or north when studying.


The primary entrance direction is important for energy flow and harmony inside a home or building, according to Vastu principles. According to Vastu, the following are the ideal major entrance directions:

Vastu tips for entrance of the house
Vastu tips for the entrance of the house
  • North: Denotes prosperity, success, and opportunity.
  • East: A representation of optimism, new beginnings, and spiritual development
  • encourages spiritual well-being, enlightenment, and pleasant energy in the northeast.

3. House colors according to Vaastu

Colors for the property should be chosen with the harmony of the tenants in mind. The energy flow of the house will be influenced by the colors. Typically, choosing vibrant colors like yellow, white, and green is advised. The hues here are as

4. The Home: 10 Vastu Tips

  • 1. Open windows to let in fresh air.
  • 2. Discard damaged items.
  • 3. Keep toilet seats and bathroom doors closed.
  • 4. Use sea salt to clean.
  • 5. Eliminate the mess.
  • 6. Cover dustbins and trash cans.
  • 7. Clocks must be operational and situated correctly.
  • 8. Maintain a clean and tidy main entrance area.
  • 9. Makeover your living space.
  • 10. Fix dripping faucets.
Which House Facing Direction is Better to Live?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: What are the important directions in Vastu?

Ans: The important directions in Vastu are South East, East, South, West, South West, North, North West, and North East

2Q: Where should I place the main bedroom according to Vastu principles?

Ans: The main bedroom should ideally be placed in the southwest corner of the house for marital harmony and restful sleep.

3Q: Where should I place the Kitchen according to Vastu?

Ans: For a Vastu-compliant kitchen, it is recommended to place it in the southeast corner.

4Q: Where should I place the Pooja Room according to Vastu?

Ans: For a Vastu-compliant Pooja Room, it is recommended to place it in the North corner.


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