Telangana Govt New Realestate policy: Telangana government approves 60-yard plots as common man’s dream comes true


Telangana government approves 60-yard

Telangana government approves 60-yard

The government has brought in new regulations on sixty-yard plots in the state of Telangana.
From now on, the layouts of towns and cities will take on a new look. In sixty yards
The Telangana government has allowed developers to design small size plots. In the past
The size was 143 yards, which is a kind of solace for developers and the public.
That is to say. The government now allows poor people to buy plots in overseas ventures
It is said to be mixed.

The Telangana government has formulated and implemented new layout regulations. It said the regulations would come into force on July 5. According to these rules
Except for Ghmc, hmda, the rest of the state of Telangana extends to cities and towns.

Previously the minimum area of ​​the plot was 143 yards

Previously the minimum area of ​​the plot was 143 yards. Now it has been reduced to sixty yards. Plot minimum
20 feet wide is sufficient. New municipal TS bypass law in the state from July 5th
Came into force. The orders were issued by Arvind Kumar, the chief secretary of the municipality
Permits will no longer be issued if the layouts are applied for through auto-verification online.

Violators of the rules will be blacklisted. The government has directed that another 2.5% of the space allocated for the creation of social facilities in each layout should be allocated. The government has clarified that the approach road to the venture should no longer be 60 feet. Environmental permits must now be obtained for outs located over an area of ​​more than 50 acres.

15% of the space should be mortgaged

15% of the total plot area should be mortgaged. A special committee headed by the District Collector in the respective district will approve applications applied for by self-certification. The District Collector will act as the Chairman of the Additional Collector Convener of the Local Bodies in this Committee. Including RND,
IRRIGATION Panchayati Raj Superintendent Engineers along with District Town Plan Officer District Collector Nominee
The officer who made it will be the sub. The committee will consider the application within five days.

If the venture is less than 10 acres, Municipal Town Planning Officers will conduct technical inspections within 10 acres and report to the District Collector within five days. The layout will be approved within 21 days of application through TS Bypass. When applying then the developer has to submit the prescribed certificates with a fee of Rs.10000. Missing application papers will be notified to the developer within 10 days. The developer must submit them within 7 days.

Approach road increased to 60 feet

Permission will be granted immediately if all documents are clear. Then you have to pay the layout fee within 30 days. If you do not pay, you will be given another 30 days’ time, then you have to pay with 10% interest. But now it has been increased to 60 feet which means it should have been 18 meters. If there was a 30 feet approach road now, all the land that widens the grain would have to be cleared. If there are only 30 feet of road, if not all the lands that give up one thousand acres of land, then 100% development charges should be paid as impact fee for the development of that road. Alternatively, if the approved master plan road is 60 feet and is actually less than that in the field, the road impact fee of 50% will be payable to one thousand ventures.

10% less space in each layout for open space in advance for public use
To be handed over to the Municipal Department. Of this, 9% is allocated to Greenery Coso. The remaining one percent is allocated to water tanks, septic tank transformers, and common parking. Another 2.5% for social facilities
The place should be allocated for pharmacy, school, playschool, clinic, crash, dispenser, etc.
The layout owner is likely to sell the relevant 2.5% of the land to be used for these purposes only
Will be.

If the ventures cover an area of ​​more than 50 acres, the School Health Center should allocate all space for commercial space. The developer must establish all amenities within two years of the LP coming to the venture. In special cases, the municipal branch may extend the deadline to another year. So layout at such a time
Approved fees 20% upfront, mortgage if the infrastructure is not provided by the deadline
The commissioner will sell 15% of the plots and provide infrastructure in the venture.

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