Take a Look at Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15 – Pedda Golconda

ORR Exit No.15
ORR Exit No.15


Hyderabad, the city of pearls and historic grandeur, is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. One of the vital lifelines of the city is the Outer Ring Road (ORR), a well-planned expressway encircling the city. Nestled along this bustling corridor is Exit Number 15, leading to the serene and culturally rich locale of Pedda Golconda.

1. Connectivity to Hyderabad ORR Exit 15: Pedda Golconda

Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15 seamlessly integrates with diverse modes of transportation, facilitating convenient access to Pedda Golconda. Roadways are well-maintained, ensuring smooth car travel, while nearby rail stations provide an additional transit option.

The proximity to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport enhances air connectivity, making Pedda Golconda easily accessible to global travelers. Whether by road, rail, or air, this strategic location reflects Hyderabad’s commitment to comprehensive connectivity, ensuring that visitors can effortlessly explore the historical, educational, and cultural treasures that await in Pedda Golconda.

2. Schools near Hyderabad ORR Exit 15 Pedda Golconda: ZPHS Nagaram

Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road (ORR) is not just a network of asphalt and concrete; it’s a connective lifeline that unveils various facets of the city’s cultural and educational richness. Nestled near Exit Number 15, the gateway to Pedda Golconda is a beacon of education – ZPHS Nagaram.

Location and Accessibility: Strategically positioned in the vicinity of Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15, ZPHS Nagaram stands as a testament to accessible education. Easily accessible to nearby students, it’s a convenient learning hub.

Academic Excellence: ZPHS Nagaram, short for Zilla Parishad High School Nagaram, is a government school committed to delivering quality education. The school caters to students across various grades, offering a curriculum that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on holistic development.

Infrastructure and Amenities: The school has modern classrooms, fully equipped labs, and a vast library. The facilities foster a supportive learning environment, where students can excel academically.

3. Colleges near ORR Exit 15 Pedda Golconda IMT Hyderabad


Nestled near Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15, the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Hyderabad is a beacon of educational brilliance. Offering a dynamic array of postgraduate programs and executive education, IMT Hyderabad is renowned for its industry-relevant curriculum and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The college’s strategic location ensures accessibility, while its global perspective and corporate connections provide students with a holistic learning experience. With an alumni network making waves across industries, IMT Hyderabad stands as a testament to academic excellence, preparing future leaders and entrepreneurs on the vibrant educational canvas near Pedda Golconda.

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4. Resorts Near Hyderabad ORR Exit 15 Pedda Golconda

Aakshaya Retreat

Escape the urban bustle near Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15 and discover serenity at Aakshaya Retreat and Clapping Leaves. These nearby resorts redefine leisure with lush surroundings and modern amenities. Aakshaya Retreat invites relaxation in a tranquil ambiance, offering a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Clapping Leaves

Meanwhile, Clapping Leaves beckons with its eco-friendly ethos, providing an immersive experience amidst greenery. Whether seeking a rejuvenating spa weekend or an eco-conscious getaway, these resorts near Pedda Golconda promise a refreshing escape, making them ideal havens for those craving a break from the ordinary.

5. Hotels at Hyderabad ORR Exit 15 Pedda Golconda

Sri Ganesh Hotel

Adjacent to Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15, Sri Ganesh Hotel stands as a welcoming oasis for travelers and locals alike. This nearby hotel in Pedda Golconda blends convenience with warm hospitality. Whether you’re exploring historical treasures or on a business trip, Sri Ganesh Hotel offers a comfortable retreat. With well-appointed rooms and a focus on personalized service, the hotel ensures a restful stay. The strategic location near Pedda Golconda makes Sri Ganesh Hotel an ideal choice for those seeking a convenient and cozy accommodation option along the bustling Outer Ring Road.

6. Temples at Hyderabad ORR Exit 15 Pedda Golconda

Eedamma Thalli Temple

Near the bustling Hyderabad, ORR Exit Number 15 lies the serene Eedamma Thalli Temple, a spiritual haven in Pedda Golconda. Nestled amid the historical grandeur, this nearby temple is a testament to the city’s cultural richness. Devotees and visitors find solace in the divine ambiance, offering prayers to Eedamma Thalli. The temple, steeped in tradition, stands as a symbol of reverence and tranquility. Visit Eedamma Thalli Temple in Pedda Golconda, Hyderabad for a spiritual experience.


Hyderabad’s ORR Exit Number 15 leading to Pedda Golconda is more than just a road—it’s a gateway to the city’s rich cultural heritage. From the regal Qutb Shahi Tombs to the local markets exuding traditional charm, this area has much to offer for history enthusiasts, architecture aficionados, and anyone seeking a slice of Hyderabad’s vibrant past Explore Pedda Golconda’s timeless beauty on its well-paved roads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Q: What is Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15?

Ans: Pedda Golconda is Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 15.

2Q: Which is the Nearest Exit Number to Pedda Golconda?

Ans: Exit Number 15 is the Nearest Exit Number to Pedda Golconda.

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