Take a Look at Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 14 – Tukkuguda

tukkuguda exit number
tukkuguda exit number

Hyderabad, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also acclaimed for its well-planned infrastructure. One integral part of this urban landscape is the Outer Ring Road (ORR), a circular expressway that connects various parts of the city, offering a smoother and more efficient commute for residents and visitors alike. In this article, we delve into the specifics of Exit Number 14 at Tukkuguda on the Hyderabad ORR, exploring the convenience it brings to commuters.

1. Connectivity to ORR Exit Number 14 Tukkuguda

Outer Ring Road (ORR):

ORR Exit Number 14 is strategically positioned along the Outer Ring Road, a major circular expressway encircling the city. This well-planned road network facilitates smooth transit around Hyderabad and plays a crucial role in connecting key areas.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Connectivity:

One of the standout features of Exit Number 14 is its direct link to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. This connectivity is a boon for air travelers, providing a direct route to one of the country’s busiest airports, making it easily accessible for those departing or arriving.

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2. Schools Nearby ORR Exit Number 14 Tukkuguda

ISB&M School:

Situated in proximity to Exit Number 14, ISB&M is a reputed institution known for its academic excellence. The school offers a range of programs, providing students with a holistic learning experience.

T.I.M.E. School:

T.I.M.E. School, located near Tukkuguda, focuses on fostering a conducive learning environment. With a commitment to holistic development, this school caters to the educational needs of students from various age groups.

The Creek Planet School:

A prominent name in the education sector, The Creek Planet School is within reach from Exit Number 14. Known for its comprehensive curriculum and modern facilities, it is a preferred choice for many families in the vicinity.

Creek Planet School
Creek Planet School

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar:

For those seeking a blend of academic and moral education, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar stands as a beacon. This school, located near ORR Exit Number 14, is known for its values-based education system.

3. Colleges Nearby ORR Exit No. 14 Tukkuguda

St. Mary’s College of Engineering & Technology:

Known for its commitment to excellence, St. Mary’s College of Engineering & Technology is situated in Deshmukhi, close to Tukkuguda. A variety of engineering and technology programmes are available at the college.


Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, located near Exit Number 14, is a renowned institution for engineering and technology education. The college emphasises a comprehensive approach to education.


Open Plots / Villas / Houses Nearby Tukkuguda

4. Hospitals Nearby ORR Exit Number 14 Tukkuguda

Pranaam Hospital:

Pranaam Hospital, situated near ORR Exit Number 14, is a healthcare institution known for its comprehensive medical services. From general consultations to specialized treatments, the hospital caters to the diverse healthcare needs of the community.

Sri Sai Spoorthy Multi-Speciality Hospital:

With a focus on multi-speciality care, Sri Sai Spoorthy Multi-Speciality Hospital serves the healthcare requirements of the Tukkuguda region. The hospital has contemporary facilities and a staff of highly qualified medical specialists.

 Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences:

Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, located in nearby Peerancheru, is a well-established medical institution offering a range of healthcare services. The hospital is known for its commitment to medical education and patient care.

5. Real Estate Growth Around Exit Number 14 Tukkuguda

Proximity to Key Connectivity Points:

The strategic placement of ORR Exit Number 14 ensures easy access to the Outer Ring Road, offering connectivity to major areas in and around Hyderabad. Its proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and the Adibatla industrial corridor adds a layer of allure for both residential and commercial investors.

Emerging Commercial Hubs:

As Tukkuguda develops into a key junction, the surrounding areas are witnessing the emergence of commercial hubs. This growth is drawing the attention of businesses, making it an opportune time for those looking to invest in commercial real estate.

Residential Haven:

For homebuyers, the area around Exit Number 14 presents a residential haven. The connectivity, coupled with the proximity to schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities, makes it an ideal location for families looking to settle down in a well-connected and thriving community.

Upcoming Infrastructure Developments:

The strategic importance of Tukkuguda is further emphasized by ongoing and planned infrastructure developments. As the city expands, investors are eyeing areas with the promise of enhanced connectivity and amenities, making Tukkuguda a hotspot for real estate investments.

Affordability and Value Appreciation:

One of the key attractions of real estate around Exit Number 14 is the balance between affordability and the potential for value appreciation. The current pricing, coupled with the anticipated growth in the area, makes it an attractive proposition for both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors.

Mixed-Use Developments:

Developers are increasingly exploring mixed-use developments in the vicinity of Exit Number 14. These projects integrate residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, creating self-sustained communities that appeal to a diverse range of investors and residents.

Future-Ready Investments:

Investing around Exit Number 14 is essentially a bet on the future. The city’s dynamic growth trajectory and the strategic importance of this location position real estate investments here to reap the benefits of the city’s expansion and development.

 Catalyst for Economic Growth:

The real estate boom around Exit Number 14 isn’t just about property values; it’s a catalyst for economic growth. The development of residential and commercial spaces contributes to job creation and overall economic prosperity in the region.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, investing in real estate around Hyderabad ORR Exit Number 14 in Tukkuguda isn’t just about owning property; it’s about being part of a dynamic and evolving urban landscape. The strategic location, coupled with the city’s growth prospects, makes this area a compelling choice for those seeking not just a home but a future-ready investment. As Hyderabad continues to redefine its skyline, Exit Number 14 stands as a beacon for those looking to invest in tomorrow’s possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Q: What is ORR Hyderabad Exit Number 14?

Ans: Tukkuguda is ORR Hyderabad Exit Number 14.

2Q: Which is the Nearest Exit Number to Tukkuguda?

Ans: Exit Number 14 is the Nearest Exit Number to Tukkuguda.

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