Kolkata Metro New Updates 2024: Route, Map, Timings, Fare and News

kolkata metro
kolkata metro

About Kolkata Metro

The oldest metro system in use in India is the one in Kolkata. Originally conceived in the 1920s, Kolkata Metro has been the city’s fastest transport system since 1984. The Kolkata Metro had two lines in service as of February 2021: Salt Lake Sector 5 to Phool Bagan and Dakshineshwar to Kavi Subhash. Kolkata Metro is a network of at-grade, subterranean, and elevated metro stations that runs on both standard and broad-gauge railroads.

The metro system in Kolkata has been in place for decades, but it has expanded slowly. The second line didn’t start up until 2021. Four lines are being built at different stages right now.

The Metro Railway, Kolkata, and Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) jointly own and operate the Kolkata Metro. It’s interesting to note that the Kolkata Metro Railway has been designated as the 17th Indian Railways zone. As a result, Kolkata Metro is now the only metro system in India that is under Indian Railways authority.

Kolkata Metro Route Map

Route Map of Kolkata Metro
Route Map of Kolkata Metro

Kolkata Metro Fare

In Kolkata Metro, fees are assessed according to the distance traveled. Due to the current operation of two lines, commuters must pay the following fees.

For North-South corridor Single Journey
ZoneDistance CoveredFare in Rs
Zone-IUp to 2 KMRs 5
Zone-IIBetween 2 KM to 5 KMRs 10
Zone-IIIBetween 5 KM to 10 KMRs 15
Zone-IVBetween 10 KM to 20 KMRs 20
Zone-VAbove 20 KMRs 25

The following fees are applicable for the East-West route.

For East-West Corridor Single Journey
Distance TravelledFare in Rs.
0 to 2 KmRs 5
2 to 5 KmRs 10
5 to 10 KmRs 20
10 to 16.5 KmRs 30

Travelers have another option in addition to the single Journey token: smart cards. Reloading a smart card adds more balance and saves time overusing a token.

Kolkata Metro Timings

Services for Kolkata Metro are available from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the state government adjusted the metro timings. The first train of the day may arrive at a different time every morning since trains stop for ten to twenty seconds at each station.

Metro Stations and Routes in Kolkata

Although the idea for the Kolkata metro was proposed in the 1920s, work on the project did not begin until 1970. There are two primary divisions within the Kolkata metro.

Lines of Operation

Construction-related Lines

There are presently four lines under construction and two fully operational lines in the Kolkata metro.

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Kolkata Metro: Operational Lines

There are now two active metro lines: Green Line 2 from Salt Lake Sector 5 to Phool Bagan and Blue Line, often known as Line 1, from Dakshineshwar to Kavi Subhash.

Kolkata Metro: Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash on Blue Line 1

The first line of the Kolkata Metro to operate is Line 1, sometimes referred to as the North-South Metro Line. The Blue Line, which stretches over three districts in West Bengal—North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, and South 24 Parganas—covers a total distance of more than 31 km. The Kavi Subhash metro station, formerly known as the New Garia metro station, is connected to the Dakshineshwar neighborhood by this line. There are two at-grade, nine elevated, and fifteen subterranean Blue Line covers outside the station.

The following stations are on the Kolkata Blue Line.

Dakshineshwar StationBaranagar StationNoapara StationDum Dum StationBelgachhia StationShyam Bazar StationShibhabazar Sutanuti StationGirish ParkMahatma Gandhi RoadCentral (Baubazar)Chandni ChowkEsplanadePark Street
MaidanRabindra SadanNetaji BhavanJatin das ParkKali GhatRabindra SarobarMahanayak Uttam Kumar

Kolkata Metro Green Line 2: Salt Lake Sector 5 to Phool Bagan

The Kolkata Metro’s Green Line is also known as the East-West Metro line because of the way it is aligned. The Kolkata metro’s most recent operating line is this one. In October 2020, the Green Line Metro was put into service for the general public.

The Salt Lake Sector 5 neighborhood and the Phoolbagan area are connected by the Kolkata Metro’s Green Line. The entire path will be 22 kilometers long once it is operational.

The following stations are currently in operation:

Salt Lake Sector 5KarunamoyeeCentral ParkCity CentreBengal ChemicalIFA Salt Lake StadiumPhoolb

Howrah Maidan, in the East-West Metro circuit, is also planned to house the nation’s deepest metro station. At the Esplanade metro station, it will develop into a significant hub for the East-West and North-South routes.

Green Line 2 Kolkata Metro’s Extension Would Be India’s First Underwater Metro

By the end of 2023, a proposed expansion of the Green Line—also referred to as India’s first underwater metro—should begin service. The service would facilitate commuter travel between the two cities by linking Kolkata’s Esplanade and the Howrah railway station.

  • This project is being built by the Metro Railway in Kolkata and is a part of the East-West Metro route. It is the only metro in the nation that Indian Railways is in charge of.
  • Between Howrah Maidan and Esplanade, the majority of the stations have been finished. At the station complex, the national transporter is now working on various projects like beautification, electrification, and other small projects.
  • Automatic Fare Collection and Passenger Control (AFC-PC) gates are being placed at the concourse level of Howrah station to guarantee the unhindered movement of commuters.
  • The commuters may easily enter and depart the paid area of the Howrah Metro station premises thanks to the state-of-the-art AFC gates, which can handle 45 persons per minute.

Kolkata Metro: Joka to Taratala on Purple Line 1

On January 02, 2023, the purple line of Kolkata Metro commenced its commercial operations. The Joka – Esplanade Metro’s Joka to Taratala segment is where the activities got underway. There were more than 5,000 footsteps on the purple line.

The six stations Joka, Thakurpukur, Sakherbazar, Behala Chowrasta, Behala Bazar, and Taratala are covered in the 6.5 KM section. On the Kolkata metro’s Purple line, around 12 daily trains are currently scheduled, comprising six up and six down returns. These scheduled runs currently have the following times: 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., and 5 p.m. from Joka. There are several departure and return times from Taratala: 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30 p.m.

JokaThakurpukurSakherbazarBehala ChowrastaBehala BazarTaratala

Under Construction Metro Lines in Kolkata

The following lines are in various phases of development in addition to the Green Line and Blue Line, which are currently in service. The network is anticipated to link the whole city of Kolkata once it is operational. The lines that are now being built can be summed up as follows:

Metro Line No.Colour CodeA Year and To Run FromNumber of StationsLength in KMAlignmentPlanned Terminals

Executed by
Other Names
3Purple Line2024 (Joka to Majerhat)1416.2SouthwesternDiamond ParkEsplanadeRail Vikas Nigam LimitedAlso called the Joka metro
4Yellow Line2023 (Noapara to Biman Bandar)1016.8NortheasternNoaparaBarasatMetro Railway, KolkataAlso known as the Barasat metro
5Pink Line1112.4NorthernBaranagarBarrackporeRail Vikas Nigam LimitedAlso known as Barrackpore metro
6Orange Line2024 (Kavi Subhash to Salt Lake Sector V)2429.8North–South via EasternKavi SubhashBiman BandarRail Vikas Nigam LimitedAlso called as Airport metro

Extension of the Kolkata Metro: Purple Line 3 from Joka to Majerhat

The Purple Line, or Line 3 of the Kolkata metro, is a line that is currently being built. When finished, Kolkata Metro’s Purple line will link Esplanade in the north with Joka in the south. After work is finished, Park Street will link to Kolkata metro Line 1. There, Kolkata Metro Line 2 will be connected by the Green Line metro, which would run parallel to Esplanade.

Purple Line 3 will cover the following stations.

Diamond Park (Joka)IIM KolkataJokaThakurpurSakherbazarBehala ChowrastaTaratala
Behala BazarMajerhatMominpurKidderporeVictoriaPark StreetEsplanade

There are three stages to the development of Purple Line 3.

  • Majerhat to Joka (Under Construction)
  • Majerhat to the Esplanade (North) (After Phase 1)
  • Diamond Park (South) to Joka (After Phase 2)

Yellow Line 4 of the Kolkata Metro Extension: Noapara to Barasat (North 24 Parganas)

The Kolkata Metro Line 4 expansion is being carried out by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. When it is finished, the yellow line in West Bengal’s North 24 Pargana district will link the Noapara and Barasat areas. It will be a section that is both raised and somewhat subterranean. Metro Line 6 (now under construction) will be connected by Yellow Line 4, which will also provide an interchange station at NSCBI Airport.

There will be ten metro stations overall on Yellow Line 4:

NoaparaDum Dum CanttJessore RoadBiman BandarBirati
Michael NagarNew BarrackporeMadhyamgramHridaypurBarasat

From the aforementioned stations, Noapara is already a functional stop on Line 1. When finished, yellow Line 4 will be more than 18 km long.

Kolkata Metro Pink Line 5 Extension: from Baranagar to Barackpore

Kolkata Metro Pink Line 5
Kolkata Metro Pink Line 5

A planned metro route is Kolkata Metro’s Pink Line 5. Its building is still in its early stages. The purpose of this line is to improve the connection between mainland Kolkata and North Kolkata.

The Pink Line 5 in Kolkata will have 11 stops. Among these is the Baranagar station on Blue Line 1, which is now in use.

BaranagarKamarhatiAgarparaPanihatiSodepurSubhash Nagar
KhardahaTata GateTitagarhTalpukurBarrackpore

Except for Baranagar, a Line 1 station that is currently in service, all of the metro stations of Pink Line 5 listed above are planned. Another proposal from the State government is to realign the Kalyani Motorway route.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Q: What is KMRC’s full form?

Ans: KMRC’s full form is Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation.

2Q: What is the number of lines in the Kolkata Metro?

Ans: As of March 2022, the Kolkata metro has two operating lines.

3Q: Which two Metro lines in Kolkata are currently in service?

Ans: The metro’s Green and Blue Lines are in service in Kolkata.

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