Hyderabad Recognized As Great Workplace for Global Tech Giants


The Hyderabad city has emerged as a notable suburb with boasting presence of leading IT companies and developed infrastructure facilities. There was a time when working in California’s Silicon Valley was the greatest dream for many young people. All are heading to Hyderabad now.

For many tech giants from Apple to Google to Amazon,

Microsoft to Facebook, Uber and Qualcomm, and Hyderabad Information

Technology and Engineering Consultancy ( HI-TECH ) City is recognized as a dream

workplace for every young aspiring techie.

Hyderabad as Great Destination For Techies After the US,

Hyderabad with a Swedish furniture giant IKEA has been set here which

employs most of the locals. Also, the state government has continued to improve infrastructure.

Hyderabad has earned a reputation as a great place to work because it has good connectivity through the IT corridor and also developed more flyover, underpasses,

and modern bus stops and arranged SHE Teams from the police that ensures secure travel for women techies.

Including the TSRTC buses, electric buses run in the IT corridor, along with luxury AC and metro buses to ensure public transport is on an equal footing with any other IT hub in the world.

Several Techies who started their careers in Hi-tech City states that the

IT corridor was completely decked up after 2014.

Hyderabad’s IT hub is now the largest in the count,

being confined to the

cyber towers.

With more multinational companies which were planning to invest here,

is expected to offer more

job opportunities. And the State government has made Hyderabad an investment destination for the world’s best by developing its infrastructure. Hyderabad will be one of the world’s

leading cities once the ongoing

projects around the

city are



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