Gurugram’s real estate will be boosted by the Metro project

real estate in gurugram
real estate in gurugram

1. Gurgaon’s Real Estate Transformation: GMRC on the Horizon

With the upcoming metro rail project, Gurugram, the bustling satellite city of Delhi, is ready to experience a significant boost in its real estate sector. Much like the successful models of DMRC and NMRC in Delhi and Noida, Gurugram is gearing up to establish its dedicated entity, GMRC (Gurgaon Metro Rail Corporation), solely focused on the city’s metro projects.

2. Central Government Backing for Metro Expansion

Sources from the Haryana government reveal that the Central government will provide crucial financial support for the proposed metro expansion in Gurugram. In a bid to ensure equity in the project and efficient fund management, the creation of GMRC as a separate entity has become imperative.

3. Real Estate Revolution Anticipated

“The formation of GMRC and the upcoming metro project in Gurgaon herald a real estate revolution. Property prices are projected to rise as the metro line passes through key industries and commercial hubs. “Investors looking for growth opportunities should keep a close eye on developments along this corridor, as the metro promises to be a catalyst for appreciation,” says Ankit Kansal, MD and Founder of 360 Realtors.

4. Immense Potential and Attractive Returns

Stating, “We envision enormous potential in Gurgaon’s metro project,” Surender Kaushik, MD of Aryan Realty Infratech Pvt Ltd, expresses optimism. Anticipating enhanced property values along the metro line, particularly in critical sectors and commercial hubs, the development promises excellent returns for buyers and investors.

5. Metro Project Details and Strategic Locations

  • Approved by the Union Cabinet in June
  • Spans 28 km from HUDA City Centre to Cyber City
  • Passes through 27 strategically placed stations
  • Estimated cost: Rs 5,452 crore
  • An ambitious project set for completion in four years
  • Ensures seamless connectivity between old and new Gurugram

6. Game-Changer for Gurgaon’s Real Estate Landscape

  • The projected metro corridor through Palam Vihar
  • Improves connectivity, and boosts commercial projects like Global Foyer Mall
  • Near the metro line, potential to transform Gurgaon’s real estate sector
  • As development progresses, Radheecka Rakesh Garg anticipates a surge in commercial prospects along the metro route
  • Attractive opportunity for investors

7. Urban Mobility and Returns on Investment

According to Rajesh K. Saraf, CEO of Axiom Landbase, the Gurgaon Metro Project “promises enhanced urban mobility and positions itself as a catalyst for substantial returns on real estate investments,” making it an appealing option for discriminating buyers and investors alike.

8. Extensive Metro Route and Daily Ridership Projections

The projected metro line is a large network that would connect Gurugram’s important industries and economic areas. Commencing at Sector 45 and passing through Cyber Park, Sector 46, and Sector 47, the route concludes at the bustling CyberHub. By 2026, daily traffic is anticipated to surpass 5,34,000, projecting an increase to approximately 7,26,000 by 2031. Future predictions are astonishing, indicating a daily ridership ranging from 8,81,000 to 10,70,000 by 2051.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1Q: What is GMRC, and how does it contribute to Gurgaon’s real estate development?

Ans: GMRC, or Gurgaon Metro Rail Corporation, is a dedicated entity focused on Gurgaon’s metro projects, playing a vital role in transforming the city’s real estate. It focuses on efficient planning and execution of the upcoming metro rail project.

2Q: How is the Central government involved in the metro expansion in Gurugram?

Ans: The Central government is providing crucial financial support for the metro expansion in Gurugram, ensuring the establishment of equity in the project. This support is essential for the efficient management of funds dedicated to the ambitious metro project.

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