why Hyderabad real estate is booming: Growth, developments, TS RERA


Hyderabad, the vibrant capital city of Telangana, has recently added another impressive title to its name: Tree City of the World. This recognition, awarded in 2020, reflects the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability alongside its booming technological advancements. let’s Explore why Hyderabad real estate is booming

A Legacy of Nizams and Modern Marvels:

Hyderabad boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. Charminar, a stunning four-minaret mosque, and Golconda Fort, a majestic hilltop fortress, stand as testaments to the city’s architectural legacy, earning it the nickname “The City of Nizams” – a reference to the ruling dynasty that left behind these architectural gems. Hyderabad’s embrace of modern marvels is equally impressive. It’s a major IT hub, housing over 1,500 companies and employing over 6 lakh people (600,000). This thriving tech sector fuels innovation and attracts investment across various industries.

A Melting Pot of Culture and Commerce:

Hyderabad’s beauty extends beyond its physical landscape. The city is a harmonious blend of diverse religions and cultures, fostering a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring the bustling bazaars like Charminar market or seeking spiritual solace at historical places of worship, Hyderabad offers a unique and enriching experience.

Beyond Tech: A Hub for Growth:

Hyderabad’s potential extends far beyond the IT sector. The city is a magnet for investments in various sectors, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Hyderabad is a major pharmaceutical hub in India, contributing significantly to the country’s healthcare industry.
  • Real Estate: The city’s rapid development has fueled a booming real estate market, offering attractive opportunities for investors and residents alike.
  • Healthcare: Hyderabad boasts excellent healthcare facilities, making it a preferred destination for medical tourism.

A City on the Rise:

Hyderabad’s recent recognition as a Tree City of the World signifies its commitment to sustainable growth. With its rich history, thriving IT industry, and diverse cultural tapestry, Hyderabad is a city on the rise, offering a plethora of opportunities for residents, businesses, and investors.

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Real Estate Growth in Hyderabad

YearReal Estate Growth (Percentage Increase)Land Values Growth (Percentage Increase)

Why Invest in Hyderabad Real Estate

Hyderabad, the vibrant capital of Telangana, is not just a city steeped in rich history and culture; it’s rapidly becoming a top destination for real estate investors. Here’s why Hyderabad should be on your investment radar in 2024-25:

Exponential Growth and Rising Demand:

Hyderabad’s real estate market has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. Property prices have climbed steadily, with some reports suggesting a 10-15% increase year-on-year (2023-2024). This surge is fuelled by the city’s robust economy, particularly the thriving IT sector. The presence of major IT giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon has attracted a massive influx of young professionals, driving up demand for residential properties.

Emerging Localities and Infrastructure Boom:

While established areas like Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills remain prime locations, investors are increasingly eyeing developing localities like Kondapur, Gachibowli, and Shamshabad. These areas offer better affordability and are undergoing rapid infrastructural development, with improved connectivity, commercial hubs, and social amenities springing up. This development creates a win-win situation, as property values are expected to rise significantly in these areas.

Government Initiatives and Investment-Friendly Environment:

The Telangana government has actively implemented policies to make Hyderabad more investor-friendly. Initiatives like the Hyderabad Development Authority (HUDA) and the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) are streamlining processes and creating designated investment zones. This proactive approach fosters investor confidence and paves the way for a stable and secure real estate market.

Diversified Market Beyond Residential:

Hyderabad’s real estate market caters to diverse needs. The IT boom has fueled demand for commercial office spaces, and the city is witnessing a rise in co-working spaces and Grade-A office complexes. Additionally, the healthcare sector’s growth has created opportunities in hospitality and medical tourism infrastructure. This diversification offers investors a wider range of options to suit their risk appetite and investment goals.

Looking Ahead: 2024-25 and Beyond

Experts predict continued growth for Hyderabad’s real estate market in 2024-25. The IT sector’s expansion, coupled with the ongoing infrastructural push, is expected to maintain the upward trajectory of property prices. Upcoming developments like the Hyderabad Warangal Industrial Corridor (HWIC) and the Metro Rail expansion will further enhance connectivity and unlock the potential of peripheral areas. There are more areas an sectors to consider why Hyderabad real estate is booming

Investing in Hyderabad’s real estate presents a compelling opportunity to capitalize on a city on the rise. With its robust economy, skilled workforce, and government support, Hyderabad is well-positioned for continued growth, making it a lucrative investment choice for the investment in future.

The TS RERA Act: Protecting Your Investment in Hyderabad’s Real Estate Boom

The booming real estate market in Hyderabad offers exciting opportunities for investors. However, navigating the complexities of this market can be daunting. This is where the Telangana State Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (TS RERA Act) comes into play. Introduced in 2017, TS RERA aims to bring transparency and accountability to the real estate sector, fostering a safe and secure environment for both developers and investors.

The Impact of TS RERA:

Prior to TS RERA, investors often faced concerns about unreliable developers and delays in project delivery. The Act addresses these issues head-on, instilling confidence in the market, and need to register under the rules and regulations of TS RERA. Here’s how TS RERA benefits stakeholders:

  • Protection for Investors: TS RERA mandates developers to register their projects before commencing construction. This ensures a level playing field and protects investors from fraudulent practices. Additionally, 70% of the collected funds must be deposited into a separate escrow account. This ensures the funds are utilized solely for project development, minimizing financial risks for buyers.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Developers are required to update project progress reports regularly on the TS RERA website. This allows investors to monitor the development phase and hold TS RERA developers accountable for timely completion.
  • Fair Play for All: TS RERA establishes a regulatory framework for real estate agents as well. Agents must be registered and adhere to a code of conduct, ensuring investors receive professional and ethical guidance.

Navigating TS RERA Registration:

The TS RERA Act outlines a clear process for project registration. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Online Registration: Developers can visit the official TS RERA website and access the “Services” section to initiate project registration.
  2. Document Submission: Detailed project information and all required documents must be submitted electronically.
  3. Fee Payment: Registration fees vary based on the project type and area.

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Similar registration procedures apply to real estate agents and promoters, ensuring all parties involved in the real estate transaction adhere to the regulations set forth by TS RERA.

TS RERA empowers investors, promoting a more transparent and reliable real estate environment in Hyderabad. By understanding the Act’s benefits and registration process, you can make informed investment decisions and capitalize on the exciting opportunities Hyderabad’s real estate market offers.

Demystifying Land Records with the Dharani Portal:

Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and confusion surrounding land records in Telangana. Dharani, a revolutionary digital platform, simplifies access to land information and streamlines the process for citizens. Here’s how Dharani empowers you:

  • Effortless Access: The Dharani portal acts as a one-stop shop for all your land record needs. You can conveniently access information online, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Dharani promotes transparency by digitizing land records, making them readily available for public scrutiny. This reduces the possibility of errors and facilitates dispute resolution.
  • Streamlined Services: The portal offers a plethora of services, including:
    • Land Details Search: Locate and verify information about any land parcel in the state.
    • Slot Booking: Schedule appointments for various land-related services offered by government offices.
    • Mutation Applications: Submit online requests for modifications to land records, such as changes in ownership.

Navigating the Dharani Portal:

The process for checking land records on Dharani is user-friendly:

  1. Register & Visit Dharani Website: Register on the official website https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/ following the prescribed steps.
  2. Land Details Search: Select the “Land Details Search” option on the website.
  3. Enter Details & Verify: Provide the required information about the land parcel (e.g., survey number, location) and complete the captcha verification.

Dharani empowers citizens with greater control over their land information, paving the way for secure and efficient land transactions.

Understanding Stamp Duty Charges in Telangana:

When it comes to property transactions, understanding stamp duty is crucial. Stamp duty is essentially a tax levied by the government on various property-related agreements. In Telangana, the average stamp duty is 6% of the property’s value. This fee is typically borne by the buyer during the purchase process

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the Growth Rate of Hyderabad Real Estate?

Property prices have seen a steady climb, with estimates suggesting a 9-15% increase year-on-year (2023-2024).
Experts predict continued growth in 2024-25, fueled by IT expansion and infrastructure development.

2. How to Check Land Records in Telangana?

Utilize the Dharani portal (https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/).
Register and access “Land Details Search” to locate and verify information about any land

3. Why is Hyderabad considered a good investment for real estate?

Hyderabad is a thriving IT hub with robust infrastructure, attracting numerous multinational companies and startups. The city’s growing economy, cultural heritage, and strategic location make it a prime destination for real estate investments.

4. How have land values changed in Hyderabad in recent years?

Land values in Hyderabad have consistently increased, with annual growth rates ranging from 7% to 18% over the pa

5. What are the key areas for real estate investment in Hyderabad?

Prominent areas for real estate investment include Gachibowli, Hitech City, Kondapur, Madhapur, and the Financial District, which are known for their proximity to IT companies and excellent infrastructure.

6. Are there any government policies supporting real estate growth in Hyderabad?

Yes, the Telangana government has introduced several policies and incentives to boost real estate development, including the TS-iPASS for fast-tracking industrial projects and RERA for regulating the real estate sector.

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