Telangana HC rejects supplications of Alpha Holdings, United Landmarks, and Omega Development


Equity P Naveen Rao of the Telangana High Court on February 12 rejected writ petitions documented by three realty firms asserting 150 sections of land in study number 613 of Nadergul zone in Rangareddy locale’s Balapur Mandal.

The judge concurred with the express government’s conflict that gigantic tracts of land without a statement under the Land Ceiling Act can’t be expelled from the restricted rundown kept up by the enlistment division.

The writ petitions were recorded by Alpha Holdings, United Landmarks, and Omega Development Ventures, testing the dismissal orders passed by the RDO of Kandukur on September 26, 2019. The judge battled that that land allocates didn’t eliminate any confusion air on farming area roof issues can’t be detracted from the domain of the disallowed list.

The RDO had would not agree to the supplication of the realty firms which needed their territory to be changed over into a non-rural land classification and furthermore looked for their expulsion from the disallowed list under area 22-An of the Stamps and Registration Act. The organizations were looking for the transformation of the idea of the land from horticultural to non-farming.

PS Parthasarathy, chief of these organizations, battled that their seller had total title over the land, difficulties to which had just been expelled by the Supreme Court. “Our names were authoritatively gone into income records and there is no reason for not permitting us to change over this land into a non-rural land,” he said.

The state government, notwithstanding, contended that neither the candidates nor their merchants had recorded the necessary presentation under the Land Ceiling Act. “On the off chance that such an announcement is documented, at that point, some part of the land will be proclaimed as surplus and that segment will be vested with the state. Thus, the state government has an enthusiasm for this land,” the state committee said.

He said the degree of the land associated with the study number was in excess of 373 sections of land. “In the event that the supplications of the solicitors are permitted, the state will be denied of its territory,” he contended.

The judge heard this and rejected the three petitions of the realty firms


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