The city’s fixation on Vaastu proceeds, with a most recent study demonstrating that over 80% of home-purchasers in Hyderabad – most noteworthy in India – are sticklers for this customary design style. What’s more, this incorporates an enormous area of new-age clients, somewhere in the range of 28 and 35 years old, who are very explicit about which heading their rooms, kitchens and even toilets face. Other Vaastu necessities: area of overhang, petition room, entrance, state of the house and so forth.

As much as 82% respondents in Hyderabad (counting IT experts) consider Vaastu to be the greatest affecting component, as against the national normal of 40%. Chennai positions a far off second alongside Bengaluru, with both at 47%,” the ‘Existence Slices’ study by Mahindra Lifespaces, states.

Not astounding at that point, designers in the city are currently guaranteeing that each house in each high rise is Vaastu-consistent. “Indeed, even inhabitants are stringent about Vaastu. Along these lines, not at all like prior when just a specific area of clients requested it, today it is no matter how you look at it. We needed to battle to sell a few units that weren’t Vaastu-consistent,” said D S Prasad, Director, Aparna Constructions including how the pattern brings about huge wastage of room and development material.

Additionally, every house is either square or rectangular,” said designer Srinivas Murthy. Sharing some non-debatable Vaastu requests of customers he stated: “Passageway and exit are generally significant: needs to confront east of upper east, north of upper east, south or southeast or west of northwest (in a specific order of inclination). Room: southwest corner and kitchen: southeast. At that point, there are likewise those demands that the can can’t be in the upper east corner.

There’s additional: the position of cooking stove/gas and water which, according to the Life Slices review, must be on various sides of the kitchen. “East-west rest heading in the room and windows on the east of the loft are some different necessities among Hyderabad clients,” said Sunil Sharma, boss client official, Mahindra Lifespaces.

Truth be told, Vaastu in Hyderabad is not any more an idea, it’s a fixation. Individuals are likewise specific with the goal that resale isn’t a test. In any case, the approach is less logical and has more to do with superstition,” said business land master Shailender Singh

Sudipta Sengupta, The Times of India, Hyderabad


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