HC vapor over unlawful highrises on government land in Telangana


The Telangana High Court on February 3 descended intensely on income authorities over across the board illicit structures on infringed government plots and furthermore pulled up the state government for being in profound sleep while its own property was sneaking out of its hands.

Tending to the state government, the seat advised it against being misdirected by authorities. “Try not to depend on whitewashing methods of these income authorities who attempt to pull off sly answers as and when such anomalies surface,” said Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan while managing a PIL by K Krishna Goud on the disappointment of authorities in forestalling infringement of 3.22 sections of land of government land at Gandhamguda territory in Gandipet Mandal of Rangareddy locale.

At the point when income office Counsel Bhaskar Reddy said that authorities were intending to review the land to discover if there was any fact in the charges, the seat of CJ Chauhan and Justice An Abhishek Reddy stated: “At whatever point a PIL is documented on infringements, authorities disclose to us that they also have acknowledged about the wrongdoing just now and that they would follow up on it soon.” Describing this as an official eyewash to escape the dilemma, the seat included: “The less said about such strategies of these authorities, the better.

The seat additionally dismissed the conflict of the guidance for the income office who was demanding 3 months to finish the study of government land in Gandipet territory. It gave the express a month to finish the review.

Authorities realize that state land is being involved and illicit structures are coming up,” the CJ commented and looked to know from the state what steps were being taken to capture this vindictive pattern which has prompted scores of unlawful structures growing in different pieces of Hyderabad


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