Gorakhpur Link Expressway Project Route, Map & Updates 2024

Gorakhpur Link Expressway
Gorakhpur Link Expressway


  • Total Length: 91.352 KM (fully access-controlled, 4 lanes)
  • Approved Project Cost: Rs. 5876.67 Crore (including land cost)
  • Starting Point: Jaitpur (District-Gorakhpur) NH-27
  • Ending Point: Salarpur at Purvanchal Expressway
  • Districts Covered: Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Ambedkarnagar, Sant Kabir Nagar
  • Project Division: 2 packages
  • Developers: APCO Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (Package 1) and Dilip Buildcon (Package 2)
  • Construction Start Date: February 10, 2020
  • Land Acquisition: 99.10% acquired as of July 4, 2022
  • Environmental Approval: In process

Salient Features

  • Starting Point: Near Jaitpur village (NH-27) at Gorakhpur bypass NH-27
  • End Point: Chainage 190+855 of Purvanchal Expressway
  • Length: 91.35 km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 4:30-5:00 hours
  • Right of Way (ROW): 110 meters
  • Carriageway: 4 lanes (expandable to 6 lanes)
  • Service Road Provision: Expected
  • Total Access Controlled: Yes
  • Underpasses: For vehicles, pedestrians, and animals

Project Packages

  • Package 1: Jaitpur (Dist. Gorakhpur) to Fulwariya (Dist. Ambedkarnagar) [Km 0+817 to Km 47+500] by Apco Infratech
  • Package 2: Fulwariya (Dist. Ambedkarnagar) to Salarpur (Dist. Azamgarh) [Km 47+500 to Km 90.535] by Dilip Buildcon

Current Status

  • Progress: 97% completed as of June 2024
  • Earthwork in Main Carriageway: 100%
  • C&G in Main Carriageway: 100%
  • GSB in Main Carriageway: 86%
  • WMM in Main Carriageway: 85%
  • DBM in Main Carriageway: 79%
  • Total Structures Completed: 336/342

Expected Completion

The expressway, initially scheduled to open by March 2023, is now expected to be operational by early 2024. The latest updates indicate 97% of the construction is complete, with directives to expedite the remaining work to open by the end of June 2024.

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  • Enhanced Connectivity: Links Gorakhpur to Lucknow, Agra, and Delhi via Purvanchal Expressway.
  • Travel Time Reduction: Expected to reduce travel time between Purvanchal and Lucknow to just three and a half hours.
  • Economic Growth: Promotes social and economic development, benefiting agriculture, commerce, tourism, and industry.
  • Industrial Corridor Development: Expected to spur growth in manufacturing facilities, development hubs, and agricultural zones.

Government Commitment

The Yogi Adityanath government is dedicated to improving road connectivity in Uttar Pradesh, with the Gorakhpur Link Expressway being a key project. It aims to provide faster, more efficient transportation and foster closer community ties within the region. The expressway will also significantly reduce fuel consumption, travel time, and environmental pollution.

According to the latest updates from the UP Expressway Industrial Development Authority’s official website, 97% of the construction work for the Gorakhpur Link Expressway is complete as of June 10.

Key achievements include completing 100% of the clearing and grubbing work on the main carriageway and all soil-related tasks. Of the planned 341 structures along the expressway, 337 have already been constructed, with rapid progress on the remaining structures.

During a recent meeting, directives were issued to accelerate construction progress and ensure the link expressway’s completion by the end of the month.


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